A Complete System to Measure CPU Cooler Performance

CPUCoolerTester allows you to measure the performance of a CPU cooler, easily and accurately. The board has a heater and a temperature sensor attached to a copper plate at center of the board. By combining them, it can be used to obtain temperature increase of base plate of the CPU cooler at given point of power dissipation, ranging from 0 watts to 300 watts.


Note: we also provide a standalone free software, CPUThermalTester. It allows you to measure the CPU cooling performance as far as possible without need for CPUCoolerTester board.


The board has mounting holes for LGA115x and Socket AM4 coolers. The board also has a fan connector and can control PWM fan.


The board has an AVR microcontroller with dedicated firmware, and it can be connected to a Windows PC via a USB port, which enables automated measurement of the temperature increase vs. the power dissipation curve.

Windows Application that Covers All Function of the Board

CPUCoolerTesterGUI, a Windows application used to control the USB-connected board, is provided. It performs automated measurements and plots the CPU cooler performance.


The measured data can be saved into a CSV file. The application can load saved data and plot the performance comparison of multiple coolers.

Plotting and Comparing Characteristics of Multiple CPU Coolers

With CPUCoolerTester, you can measure the temperature increase vs. the power dissipation curve of CPU cooler. The measurement can be iterated for different coolers, fan PWM settings, air-flow condition and/or board orientations. The data can be plotted and compared in the application.


This figure is an example of a plot of multiple measurement data. The figure shows that heatpipe coolers have non-linear characteristics.

Full Kit for Electronics Enthusiasts, Shipping Worldwide

CPUCoolerTester is available as a full-parts kit. To build it, soldering the surface-mount parts is required. Please read the reference manual for details.

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